GitHub Pages

Table of Contents

Types of GitHub Pages reference

Set up a AWS Route 53 custom domain howto

Set a custom domain on your repo settings

For APEX domain and wwww

Create A record (Only for APEX domain)

Create CNAME record for www

Enfore HTTPS

For Custom Subdomain

Include files that start with an underscore howto

Jekyll does not build any files or directories that
  • are hidden or used for backup (indicated by names that start with . or #, or that end with ~);
  • contain site content (indicated by names that start with _); or
  • are excluded in the site configuration.
To work around this behavior, you can
  • include a .nojekyll file in the root path to turn off Jekyll;
  • use the include directive in your _config.yml to specify files that should not be ignored
  • do not use names that start with an underscore (_), period (.), or hash symbol (#), or that end with a tilde (~).