I'm Yeongho Kim. I mostly use a nickname yeonghoey, which is derived from Yeongho and Korean postposition 이[ee]. Though Yeongho should match with another Korean postposition 가[ga], my friends used to call my name with 이[ee]. I think we liked the weird sound of the incorrect Korean postposition match. Instead of putting ee, I put ey, so that yeonghoey could look like a palindrome, though it is not an exact palindrome.

Although I have accounts named yeonghoey on most of the major social media sites, I'm not actively using social media. So if you want to contact me, sending an email to yeonghoey@gmail.com would be best.

As a programmer, I have been enjoying learning new programming skills. I consider myself as a wizard in modern ages, and this site, yeonghoey.com, is a kind of my spellbook. As my process of learning, this site will constantly be growing with my competency. Please note that this site is a process, not a result. As it is a living one, pages from this site are subject to change at any time.